• Found Artifacts

    Artifact #33: Stones carry energy that, when one is in tune, can be physically felt. This little talisman is no exception, with the warm earth tones of the African sapphires playing against the rich striations seen in the Sardonyx. A connection to the magic of the earth, grounding, while making a bold personal statement.


    Due to the individual cut of the Sardonyx, this piece is one of a kind. 


    Made in New Mexico.


    Sardonyx, African sapphires, brass Wollo ring, brass hardware, waxed Irish linen, deerskin leather, 12.5’’, 6.5’’ pendant tassel


    Ethically sourced from female owned small businesses in New Mexico and the Southwest

    Handmade Sardonyx & African Sapphire Leather Talisman Necklace - NM Made